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The 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo will focus on seven Olympic sports that are widely considered the “crown jewels” of the Olympics. The 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo will feature the Summer Olympic events of badminton, baseball, handball, modern pentathlon, rowing, squash, and volleyball. In addition to these sports, the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo will feature the Winter Olympic events of short-track speed skating, figure skating, and curling.

Olympic sports are diverse, engaging, and fun to watch – as long as you are willing to learn the rules. Here are a few highlights:

  • Snowboarding: Flat, fast, and breathtaking.
  • Ski Jumping: Watch your speed as you glide down the slope, and judge the landing before you hit the ground.
  • Alpine Skiing: Fun to watch and to do. It involves a combination of downhill and cross-country skiing.
  • Biathlon: It’s the only Olympic event where you have to aim with your forehead.
  • Cycling: High-speed cycling is athletically enhanced by tiny helmets and spandex.
  • Freestyle Skiing: A hybrid of skateboarding and snowboarding on snow.

Among popular Olympic sports, inline skating, hockey, and marathon running are thrilling to watch. Figure skating, baseball, and equestrian events have slower paces, making them more pleasant to watch.

Popular Olympic Sports to Look Out For:


Swimming is a sport that attracts mostly male participants, mostly from developed countries. However, what it is traditionally lacking in terms of viewership, it no doubt makes up for in competition. The sport is one of the fastest growing Olympic sports, with the number of events increasing from 17 in 1976 to 41 in 2016. Swimming is an Olympic sport that many people have come to enjoy.

Practice makes perfect, and swimming is one of the easier sports to practice. (It also does not hurt that swimming is the cheapest Olympic sport.) Swimming is an intense sport that requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Although swimming may seem easy at first glance, one’s stamina must be perfect. One must practice daily, as it is important that one puts in the work if one wants to reach the goal of competing and winning in high-level competitions.


Rowing is a timeless Olympic sport that captivates audiences with its thrilling displays of strength and precision. As one of the oldest competitive sports featured in the Games, rowing demands not only physical prowess but also teamwork and impeccable synchronization. Athletes propel their slender boats through the water with a rhythmic blend of power and finesse, making it a spectacle of grace and endurance.

For enthusiasts seeking a deeper understanding of rowing techniques and the intricacies of this Olympic spectacle, exploring dedicated online resources like The Rowing Tutor can provide valuable insights. From the nuances of proper strokes to the training regimens followed by elite rowers, these platforms can offer a glimpse into the world of rowing beyond the Olympic arena. As we anticipate the upcoming Olympic Games, the allure of rowing lies in the competition, the dedication and artistry of the athletes who make this water sport an enduring favourite on the grand stage of the Olympics.


Basketball has become a truly national sport in many nations, including Brazil. The national team is one of the top contenders for the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. The Olympic basketball team from the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, earned the country’s first gold medal in basketball. The Brazilian team defeated the United States men’s basketball team 75-69 in the gold medal game.


Gymnastics is a sport that requires you to balance on a tiny balance beam, balance on a thin bar, balance on uneven bars, balance on the floor, then stand on your hands and then do it all again.

Gymnastics is important at the Olympics. The sport involves balance, strength, coordination, flexibility, and endurance. The 2008 Summer Olympics featured 24 individual events, including the uneven bars, balance beam, vault, floor exercises, and team all-around. Of the 20,000 athletes, only 111 were women.


In the 21st century, Diving became the 3rd most popular Olympic sport and is slowly rising in popularity. Diving is an exciting sport. If you enjoy watching it, you know that it involves a great amount of training, skill, and luck. The Olympic diving events take place during one 15-minute period in which a competitor will dive from a platform or springboard into the water, either from 3.2 m (10 ft) or 10.0 m (33 ft). Diving is played on a horizontal surface, usually a 5.0 m (16 ft) springboard or in a 10.0 m (33 ft) pool. Divers must execute a series of intricate movements to reach, swim, and keep their breath underwater for the longest amount of time. Dives may include twists and turns.


Badminton is a lot of fun. It originated in 19th-century India, and its simplicity makes it a perfect game for children and adults. Just requiring rackets, a shuttlecock, and well-placed shots: everyone can play badminton. Badminton is a sport that relies on technique, agility, and strategy. It has an estimated 3.5 million competitors worldwide.

The athletes will compete for glory, but keep in mind this is just the beginning. The games to kick off the 2022 Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing, China. Participating athletes will compete in 30 games, including 15 team and individual sports. As of now, an estimated 3.1 billion people are expected to watch the PyeongChang Olympics in 2018. By 2025, that number is projected to reach 3.5 billion. Olympic sports have a long tradition in China. In 2010, the Chinese Olympic Committee selected 24 sports for the first Olympic sports program under the New Sports Program.

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