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Arnold Palmer was an American golfer, businessman, philanthropist, and sports icon. He won the U.S. Open in 1960 and was also one of the world’s greatest golfers, winning the Masters Tournament four times, and the British Open twice. He was not only a great golfer, but he also managed to be a successful businessman, with a net worth of $300 million.

Arnold Palmer’s accomplishments are many, but his greatest feat was becoming the first man to win the Masters twice. In 1955, Arnold won by a single shot on the final day. The following year, he won by two shots. Then, in 1958, he won by three and won again by one in 1962, making him the first to ever win on all four different holes.

It’s been nearly a decade now since Arnold Palmer died, and since then, the golf legend’s legacy has been the subject of many a conversation. He’s been discussed as a man who put a new spin on a dying sport, as a player who was a visionary, as a philanthropist, as a role model, as a promoter of women’s golf, as a celebrity with a flair for the dramatic, as a golfer who had a predilection for the outrageous, as a visionary who saw a changing of the guard in the sport. Here are some facts about him and the answer to why Arnold Palmer was so iconic.

  1. Arnold Palmer’s Army is a league of golf fans who enthusiastically support the career of the man who has been called the “King of Golf.”
    Arnold Palmer has long had a venerable nickname: The King. But what does this all mean? We’re talking about the passionate group of people who emulate his life, cheering for him at golf events around the world. They are the Arnie Army, and they are the most famous fans of any golfer. It is named after Arnold Palmer, a great golfer and beloved figure in the community. These people are everywhere, and they love Palmer so much, they’ve even got their way of saying his name. The Army is made up of dedicated golf fans and fans of the sport who share a common interest and passion for the game and their idol, Arnold Palmer. 
  2. In the world of beverages, certain names get mentioned time and again. Arnold Palmer, for example. The man was a legend in the sport of golf and helped revolutionize the way the game was played. But more importantly, he was a legend in the beverage world. He was a pioneer in the sports beverage industry, and his beverage of choice was a steaming cup of Arnold Palmer.
    Even though Arnold Palmer is most famous for his golf swing, you know him as the man who created the super popular “Arnold Palmer” drink. It’s a refreshing beverage that is full of antioxidants and nutrients. The drink was named after the golfer because he was a big supporter.
  3. The legendary golfer and philanthropist Arnold Palmer passed away May 20, 2016, but there’s a new award to honour his legacy. The Arnold Palmer Award, the first and only award named after the golf legend and his long-time friend and confidant, will be given annually to a person who demonstrates the character and qualities of the man.
    The Arnold Palmer Award was established in 1991 in honour of the legendary golf course architect, and this year’s winner was a very worthy recipient. In a press release, Arnold Palmer said, “It’s a great honour to have an award named after me. I’m very happy to have been part of this special event.”

When golfing superstar Arnold Palmer started playing tournaments in the mid-1940s, the sport was still in its infancy. Although there were a handful of golf courses in the U.S., the sport didn’t yet have a huge following. While the course was in the midst of a boom in the 1950s, no one outside of a few hardy golfers were playing. And when the 1960s came, the sport had expanded to a wide array of players, but the popularity was still reserved for a small pocket in the U.S. That’s why he is the iconic man that he is named today; he made golf.

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